My Recent Work

WebGL/ThreeJS interface

This is a mock up a online store that incoporates and WebGL/Threejs carousel of products.

It dynamically adds and animates the product images on the screen. The effect is to have the images rotate in 3D space. It is bult to handle the addition of more products, spreading each equal distantly around.

Clicking on one will bring the image to the front and display information about the product.

WebGl/Threejs interface

Clone of Content Management System

This is the website of an actress. She wanted a clone of a content management system she had been using but with the ability to upload more videos and images and be more responsive on mobile devices.

I began by building a Node JS RESTful API backend. It requires a web token for any process other than the general data retrival used by all the visitors and the sign in protocal.

It serves up a Angular 6 application as the front end which provides both the general interface for visitors and the portal she uses to add, delete, and modify the current data.

Wordpress Website and Logo

This is a simple wordpress theme for a Hair Stylist/Special Effects make-up artist. She specifically wanted a simple design that allowed her to have her site work double duty. Her portfolio shows her work and resume, while the other side allows her to book appointments for hair cuts, colors, and styles. I used a Worpress site as she wanted to ability to add and manage images.

She needed a logo for her business. I used her actual signature to create something unique and professional at the same time.